Verizon Tips LTE Multicast TV Play

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Verizon detailed how it will notify mobile subscribers when a hot TV show or live sports broadcast is placed on its LTE Multicast streaming video platform.

“While multicasting can limit strain on the wireless network, end users may not be aware of content that is being multicasted,” Verizon said in a patent application published Thursday.

Abstract: One or more server devices may determine a measure of popularity of multiple content items; select particular content to be provided via a multicast channel when the measure of popularity of the particular content satisfies a threshold; generate a notification regarding the availability of the particular content; and provide the notification to one or more user devices for display on the one or more user devices to notify respective users regarding the availability of the content. The notification may be received by the one or more user devices outside of a multicast control channel. The one or more servers may transmit the particular content via the multicast channel.

Patent Application