Comcast Tests ‘Co-Pilot’ Screen Sharing Tool

Comcast is beginning to offer Xfinity X1 subscribers an opportunity to share the big screen in their livingrooms with a customer services representative. Co-Pilot could give subscribers an experience similar to the screen-sharing options that computer hardware suppliers such as Apple and Dell offer consumers.

“Customers often have questions like, ‘how can I set up a DVR recording?’ With Co-Pilot, our tech support can see a customer’s screen and—after receiving an on-screen verification code from the customer—”take the controls,” Comcast EVP of Customer Experience Charlie Herrin wrote in a blog post this week.

The Co-Pilot pilot program follows the launch of new customer service tools that Comcast unveiled at the opening of its Studio Xfinity retail store in Chicago during the INTX convention in May (see gallery of photos The Donohue Report shot at event below).