• AT&T Emotional Advertising

    AT&T Ties Advanced Ads to Emotions

    AT&T won a U.S. patent for an invention that could allow it to deliver advertising to viewers based emotions that scene in a TV show or movie may evoke. The system may insert a commercial [...]
  • Verizon Out Of Home Meda Measurement Patent

    Verizon Tackles Mobile Media Measurement

    A U.S. patent that Verizon won on Tuesday offers a glimpse at how it is pushing to help advertisers ranging from NFL teams to furniture retailers with data that could power personalized ad campaigns based [...]
  • Disney Media Wall

    Disney Builds Wall-Sized UI

    Two Walt Disney Co. senior executives have designed a wall-sized user interface that could allow viewers within a range of 20 feet  to interact with multiple displays of video content, according ot a patent applicaiton [...]
  • Comcast T-Commerce

    Comcast Hits Accelerator on T-Commcerce

    Comcast has built a t-commerce solution that could help automobile manufacturers drive increased sales from subscribers viewing interactive TV commercials, according to a patent published on Tuesday. The invention details how Comcast could target interactive [...]
  • Glosi

    Cox Building Original Spanish Network

    Update – Cox sent us this statement, confirming its launch plans for Glosi. Glosi is a Hispanic-focused video streaming service and online portal with thousands of hours of exclusive content and original programming. The ad-free, [...]
  • GigaOne

    Spot Watch: Cable One GigaONE

    Nearly nine months after announcing plans to launch broadband services offering speeds of 1 gigabit per second in more than 200 cities, CableOne has created a new promotion for its GigaONE brand.
  • Irdeto SNL Kagan 4K Outlook

    Irdeto, Kagan: 4K OTT Video Driving Dynamic Growth

    With over-the-top delivery driving dynamic growth, the majority of consumers and operators will adopt 4K UHD TV by 2020, according to a survey Irdeto and SNL Kagan released Tuesday. When asked which distribution platform would [...]
  • Verizon technology partner Samsung offers consumers  access to virtual reality programming online, including VR commercials from advertisers like BMW.

    Verizon Eyes ENVRMNT Virtual Reality Platform

    Verizon may be poised to launch a virtual reality platform called ENVRMNT, documents obtained by The Donohue Report indicate. Verizon wants to use the brand ENVRMNT to offer a “virtual reality platform comprising a server, Web [...]
  • Mind Music

    ITV Pioneer Klappert Composes Mind Music

    Walt Klappert, an interactive TV pioneer who helped Rovi Corp. develop next-generation user interfaces, has invented a system with a headband that could allow users to create music through the power of brain waves. “Mind music is [...]
  • Sinclair ATSC 3.0

    Sinclair Eyes 5G, Hyperlocal Broadcasts

    Sinclair Broadcast Group sees potential to use next-generation 5G wireless networks deliver both national and “hyperlocal” content to consumers, according to a patent application published on Thursday. The station group owner, which has been pushing [...]
  • Telstra Readycare
    Spot Watch

    Telstra: Doctor Is Always In

    It takes just 15 seconds for a pediatrician working remotely to turn a toddler’s tears into smiles in a spot Australian telecom provider Telstra shot for its ReadyCare service. Charging subscribers $76 for remote consultations [...]
  • Verizon Download To Go

    Verizon Builds Download-To-Go Librarian

    Verizon won a U.S. patent on Tuesday for an invention controls how pay TV subscribers could share a limited number of copies of TV shows and movies recorded through set-tops with mobile devices. Irving, Texas-based Verizon [...]
  • T-Mobile IP Multimedia Home Hub

    T-Mobile Targets TV With Multimedia Home Hub

    A U.S. patent that T-Mobile won on Tuesday offers a glimpse at how the wireless carrier may be able to deliver video programming to HDTVs in subscriber homes. “Television displays various data received from data [...]
  • Frontier Vantage TV Netflix

    Frontier Opens 3 Paths to Netflix on TV

    Frontier Communications is offering its Vantage TV subscribers three options for accessing Netflix content on TV, according to a YouTube video it posted Monday morning. Subscribers can access their Netflix accounts by clicking the on-demand button [...]
  • Paul Allen

    Paul Allen Eyes UPSTREAM Service

    Technology veteran and musician Paul Allen may be developing a new entertainment and education service called UPSTREAM, according to a recent trademark application obtained by The Donohue Report. The Microsoft Corp. co-founder and former Charter [...]
  • Technicolor Mobile DTV Antenna

    Technicolor Embeds TV Antenna In Smartphone Case

    French set-top vendor Technicolor is developing a case for smartphones and tablets that can convert broadcast TV signals into MPEG-DASH digital media streams, according to a patent application obtained by The Donohue Report on Thursday. [...]
  • Verizon Funds Transfer

    Verizon Builds Digital Wallet For Kids

    In a world where digital wallets are replacing cash, a Verizon executive has come up with a solution for parents looking to supply kids with spending money for trips to shopping malls and retail stores [...]


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